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PMD-3M™ Fresh
3M Fresh Wrap with excellent cutting and triple-structured adhesive strength

Product Explanation

Fresh Wrap
Tripe-structured 3M Fresh Wrap has excellent cutting and adhesive strength, with no harmful effect on human body as it only uses materials approved by F.D.A.
The Fresh Safe Wrap Cutter was created based on ideas sent by housewives. Since the blade is hidden inside, it is safe. Owing to its sliding method, it is convenient to cut.

Fresh Bag
Owing to the thickly stitched part, it is rarely broken as storing vegetable and fruits freshly. It can be used for storing meat or seafood in freezer and keeping humidity of other food.

Fresh Zipper Bag
Owing to the thickly stitched part, it can be efficiently used for liquid products. It is conveniently used for not only storing vegetable, food and props, but also going out.

Fresh Roll Bag
It does not leak even when storing liquid products. It can be usefully used for not only storing vegetable and fruits freshly and storing meat and seafood in freezer, but also keeping humid of other food.

Fresh Gloves
It is convenient to wear them owing to much thicker stitches and lengthened wrist part. They can be usefully used not only for cooking various foods sanitarily, but also for cleaning and washing a car.

Fresh Product Group for Gimjang(Kimchi-Making for the Winter)
Have Gimjang with smart Fresh Product for Gimjang. There are thick gloves for Gimjang with lengthened wrist part, and multipurpose apron that can be used conveniently anytime and anywhere.

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