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Very High Bond(VHB), the result of 50-year adhesive technologies of 3M

Product Explanation

In the past, no one thought that a tape could replace mechanical connection or welding. However, 3M created Very Bond Tape(VHB) based on its adhesive technologies for 50 years, and this new technology gave us more various and advanced options of connection.

Product Characteristics
With 3M VHB Tape product group designed to be able to have initial adhesion even in low and high temperature, you can simply adhere outdoor signs or notices in hot and cold regions, without any damage to design by bolts and nuts. If you use 3M VHB Tape, you can more easily and quickly put together things than mechanical connection or welding, and also largely save process cost and time as the surface polishing process is omitted.

Product Use

Product Strengths

   - Possible to select extensive products depending on various working conditions and characteristics of materials attached
   - Excellent resistance to various natural environments
   - Excellent fatigue shearing strength and peel strength
   - Continuous physical property even after time passes
   - Excellent resistance to moisture and solvent
   - Excellent sealing effect after connection
   - Excellent adhesive power to weight
   - Securing reliability

Product Function

It can replace screws, rivets, welding, water soluble connection and other permanent assembling methods in the overall industry. As it does not need holes for bolts and nuts, it is great for clean aesthetic harmony.


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